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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Postage Costs

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royal mail

All wool orders are sent via Royal Mail and are subject to a packaging fee.  For the purpose of calculating packaged weight, please assume that each 50gm hank weighs approximately 55gms.  Actual postage costs (according to yarn weight ordered) will show automatically at the checkout. 

Yarn Weight Packaging 1st Class
2nd Class Total 1st Class
Total 2nd Class
Up to 600gm 30p £3.40 £2.90 £3.70 £3.20
600gm to 900gm 30p £5.50 £2.90 £5.80 £3.20


Tracked & Signed             
Europe up to 50grm 30p £3.80 £8.60    
Europe up to 200grm 30p £4.10 £8.70    
Europe up to 300grm 30p £5.80 £10.15    
Europe up to 400grm 30p N/A £10.15     
USA/Canada up to 50grm                           30p £4.45 £9.25    
USA/Canada up to 200grm 30p £5.15 £9.75    
USA/Canada up to 300grm 30p £8.05 £12.50    
USA/Canada up to 400grm 30p N/A £12.50